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10 Top Tips For Exhibition And Trade Show Stand Management

2. Dress appropriately

Exhibition venues can vary all the way from being perishingly cold to far too hot (especially when the venue is busy and brightly lit — as you hope it will be); they can even suffer leaks not to mention rain and wind if outside! So dress comfortably, in the vernacular of your trade by all means but, may I suggest, at least ‘one notch up’ from the majority of your likely visitors? A fabulous product display can so easily be ruined by scruffy stand-staff.

3. Get there in good time

This may seem obvious, not just in terms of getting a good parking space, setting up properly without panic, and ensuring packing materials, cables and any personal items are all out of sight before your event opens.

But if you are wise, you will also want to find out where the loos are and where you can get refreshments, and check your pitch is to your liking and properly signed and supplied. Then, be sure to make friends with the organisers, check-out who else is exhibiting, and maybe catch-up with old friends briefly who are also exhibiting (you may not have time later), if only out of courtesy.

4. Check your checklist

What checklist? The one you have carefully prepared in advance for all such events! This should include a record-book or enquiry-sheets of whom you are going to meet, their contact details, their interest in your wares and action to follow; maybe invoices if you are selling goods from your stand; notepads, pens,

sticky tape, cabling and power-point adapters; possibly a fist-aid kit for minor emergencies?; product literature, point-of-sale material and price lists; a vast stack of visiting cards – and anything else you might need.

It will be far too late to start looking for these once the event has opened and you get busy.

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