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10 Top Tips For Exhibition And Trade Show Stand Management

11. A little more!

It can often be a good idea to offering your serious stand-visitors ‘a little something’, if it is a) memorable, b) relevant and c) worth keeping, however small and inexpensive. So in that spirit, to thank you for reading this article, here is not just one ‘free’ extra tip for you – but two!
First, ALWAYS calculate the cost of your attendance at an exhibition or trade show, and keep a track on its pay-back for you. Don’t go ‘because you always go’, don’t go because you were told there was a spare place at the last minute — go because it was worth your investment!

Second, learn from others! Ask your existing customers what they liked and what they didn’t from the event they first ever saw you at, and ask why they bought from you that first time. Ask similar suppliers who will tell you, what works best for them? Also, ask your exhibition organiser for their thoughts too? Their interests will be in winning your business back again, so the least they can do is to tell you who attended and what their wider feedback was.

I wish you all good fortune!

And if you ever meet me at an Exhibition or Trade Show, please don’t ask  me: “Can I help you?”, and do ask me: “What are you interested in?”!

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